New Snus: General Classic Blend and General Nordic Mint

Two new General snus are set to launch Monday — General Classic Blend and General Nordic Mint — online and in three cities for trials at convenience stores. These two snus will be, for all intents and purposes, the snus you may be able to get at a seven-eleven in the next year or so across the U.S. — if all things go well. And I think they very well may because Swedish Match did something quite smart…

They made Camel Frost correctly.

Let me put it to you another way… Imagine if somebody who knew how to make snus made Camel Frost and put it head to head with it. They’d probably sell a cock load of the stuff.

How did they make it better? It was quite simple and it’s what everyone was saying about Camel Frost for a long time: it’s dry as shit, too sweet, and the tobacco looks like they processed it through a horse’s gastrointestinal system.

Solution: make it moist, turn down the sweetness, use high-quality tobacco.

The result is a snus that any Camel snus user will like, and probably new people, too. It’s called General Nordic Mint.

And this is what the future expansion of (sort of) real snus in America is going to be determined by. This is what’s going to be in all the ads. This is what is going to be the face of Swedish snus. It’s a little ironic, but it’s a tremendous improvement.

The second snus is what we’ll be more interested in. It’s called General Classic Blend.

It’s a reimagining of General White, but a little milder. Not as mild as General Smooth, which is kind of dry and boring, in my opinion — like doing a drunk sorority girl. Classic Blend is wetter. It’s something above 50% water in General Classic Blend (my memory says 53%) vs. like 40% in General Smooth. Classic Blend is just slightly less tangy than General White. I insist that you buy some — especially if you live in the test markets — and try it. It’s will be the only real Swedish-style snus that may be widely available in the U.S. in the next couple years. You dreamed of grabbing snus at your corner store. Do it.

I’ve used all the General Classic Blend they gave me. It’s very good. Sure, I’d rather use General White or Roda. But this stuff is going to be around, and I could use it every day. And for those of us who don’t plan our orders well, never have more than $5, constantly forget our snus at home, or just prefer to buy snus when buying gas, it’s at least ten-fuckin’-trillion times better than anything you can find in a gas station.

Both these snus have about 7mg of nicotine, and run something like 0.9 grams per portion. They are about the size of General Smooth — but again, they don’t suck like General Smooth. They come in packs of 15 and there maybe samplers floating around with ten, but fifteen is the magic number. Again, this seems like bullshit, but apparently Swedish Match’s market research shows that less hardcore snus users find their portions dry toward the end of the tin. And Camel Frost has fifteen, so American snus users probably are used to getting ripped off a little. Meh.

Where Can You Get It?

Buysnus and Mysnus will have it sometime tomorrow (6/20). And if you live in Chicago, Dallas or Philadelphia, you’ll be able to pick it up at local places in little snus refrigerators.

The best place for info on where to get your hands on this is

Disclaimer: Swedish Match flew me to Chicago, put me up in nice hotel, and bought me dinner and about 115 beers so that I could taste this snus.

4 Responses to “New Snus: General Classic Blend and General Nordic Mint”

  1. Larry Waters Says:

    Another brilliant report! I’m still laughing…or choking; depending on your perspective.

    We sold our first can of Classic Blend 30 seconds after it went up on the store site. Hold on; still can’t breathe…..ROLF…”like doing a drunk sorority girl”…well, that’s a smooth move..must go now…….I think there’s a drunk sorority girl in my snus fridge


  2. RW Hubbard Says:

    MOAR SNUS PR0N!!!!!!1111!!!!

  3. Henry Says:

    Is the new General Green Harvest available in stores in the US I tried to order it at but they were currently out of stock?

  4. Anthony Says:

    It’s only available online for us. I’m not sure exactly who has it at the moment. But certainly someone does. Bop around the webshops, and you’ll find it in stock somewhere.